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Alright, so we had a TON of fun at Pacific Media Expo this weekend. I went with my pal Keil and his girlfriend Megan, we were laughing so much the whole weekend my face actually started to hurt. I did four cosplays in a day and a half. And I managed NOT to spend a billion dollars. Once again, I was shy and retarded at the reborn gathering, but I had fun anyway. Now I'm even more psyched for ALA in January, haha.
I ended up cosplaying Allelujah from Gundam 00, Gokudera from KHR, the Minotaur from Tekkonkinkreet and Kayako from Ju-on/The Grudge. Keil did Black from Tekkonkinkreet, and he and Megan were White Mages from Final Fantasy.
I got about a million pictures. Megan was awesome and took a lot for me♥
I absolutely suck at posing for pictures. And I really fail at not ruining them with a super lame ooc grin.
      Once again, I am absolutely in love with this wig. Everybody thought it was my real hair and I was like SHIT I WISH. Also, lots of people asked me for a cookie, but unfortunately they were glued on, haha.
    As usual I went way overboard with the KHR pictures. I'm really not happy with my Gokudera at all, but Lal Mirch is too much of a hassle, and it's seriously not a con unless there's reborn cosplay...
I was super happy about the boy!gokudera lololol.
          Beating up on Lambo.
  Messing with Sho-chan
So, there are a ton more pictures on my photobucket page.
   Then we went crawling around the fire stairs for Ju-on pictures. We had to take a million because I kept ruining shots with a ridiculous grin. After this my knees were bruised to all hell. Metal stairs aren't the greatest things to crawl around on I guess...
      This got pretty good reactions. Surprising drunk people ftw I guess.
      Yeah, so that was pretty gross, mission accomplished I guess. I just threw this together at the con too.
              Yeah, that green body paint did not want to come off easily at all. I totally turned the hotel bathtub green forever.
  Keil and Megan.
  Senseiiiiiiiii and Jun♥
    Bathtub is the new cooler. This was before I turned it green, mind you.

   I only bought ONE doujinsh, DEAR GOD WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. They didn't have much selection. I have been wanting moar Lockon/Tchan dj though.

  An Alle and Tchan voice doll to join my Lockon. Alle says I HAVE CONTROL which sounds like "AI HABU CONTRORU"♥♥♥♥        Fweeeee, Moyashimon merch!@#
So yeah, fun times.
The rest of my pictures are over in my photobucket.
Specific albums are on the left side.                                     

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